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A/C Repair

A/C Repair

A/C Repair

Stay Comfortable in Texas:

  • Air conditioning repair or service ensures comfort, even on the hottest days in Texas.

Manufacturer’s Recommendation:

  • Manufacturers recommend a car air conditioning service every two years.
  • This service includes evacuating the refrigerant gas and replacing the lubricating oil.
  • It also involves a system leak test to ensure optimal performance.

Long-Term Savings:

  • Regular maintenance not only keeps you comfortable but also saves you money in the long run.
  • Well-maintained A/C systems are more efficient, reducing fuel consumption.

Qualified Technicians:

  • Car Air Conditioning Service should be performed by qualified technicians.
  • It’s the best way to maintain peak efficiency and ensure your comfort regardless of the weather.


Preventing Leakage:

  • Over time, air conditioning gases escape from the AC or Climate Control system.
  • A/C systems are designed to leak due to engine vibrations, pipe movement, and rubber ring expansion/contraction.
  • Non-usage during winter can dry out “O” ring seals, leading to performance deterioration.

Effective Solution:

  • Most issues related to gas leakage can be easily resolved.
  • A leak check of your system, followed by a complete evacuation and refrigerant refill (re-gas), can restore A/C system functionality.

Why Regular Servicing?

Compressor Maintenance:

  • Regular servicing checks and/or changes the compressor’s oil to prevent it from seizing up.
  • Compressor functionality is crucial for overall A/C system performance.

Air Filter Importance:

  • Clogged air filters with dirt and bacteria affect the entire A/C system’s performance.
  • Neglecting this can lead to the A/C system failing to work and potential health issues.

Rubber Seal Checks:

  • Regular servicing ensures rubber seals are checked for leaks or deterioration.
  • Leaking seals lead to the deterioration of the entire A/C system, reducing efficiency and increasing fuel consumption.


Regular servicing of your car's air conditioning system is essential to ensure it operates at its peak efficiency, keeping you cool and comfortable while saving you money in the long term. Qualified technicians are best suited to perform this service, as it includes critical tasks such as refrigerant evacuation, oil replacement, system leak tests, and addressing issues like gas leakage and compressor maintenance. By maintaining your A/C system, you not only ensure your comfort in any weather but also extend the life of your vehicle's air conditioning system.

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